Hydration - Compression - Balance





Chris P. (Newport CA)

"There is simply nothing like it on the market. It can be worn in all conditions. The fit, function and ease of use is second to none!…I never leave home without it!"


Mikkie P. (Malibu CA)

“I love my Hydrawear shirt for several reasons. When I mountain bike I have a lightweight and comfortable way to stay hydrated and I love that the water pouch also protects my spine. And when I paddle my SUP from Paradise Cove to the Malibu Pier it is the perfect way to keep me hydrated and from getting sunburned”



Lance M. (Maui Hawaii)

“Love how it allows me to perform my best without getting in the way…”



Mark R. (Maui Hawaii)

"The compression hydration shirts are the bomb. The tightness of the bladder is key for not losing balance."



Dave V. (British Columbia)

“Comparatively to the inconvenience of bottles or the bulkiness of packs I don’t even know I’m wearing my Hydrawear, ..that is until I need to hydrate. I have been loving it for both SUP and Mountain Biking”.



BC. (Boulder CO)

“As I write this I still have my shirt on as I love the support. I also love the breathability of the garment. The Orange color is great for visibility so we don’t get run over by the texting crowd that is blind to us. Also and importantly, the V neck is awesome for getting into the shirt”. 


Rand C. (Lake Tahoe CA)

“Lots of interest where ever I go on the shirt. I have been wearing it in all of my races all over. Absolutely no problems to date. It has worked out great”.