Hydration - Compression - Balance

Hydrawear Technology



It is imperative for proper function that you Hydrawear shirt properly fit your body. Hydrawear shirts are designed to fit snug against the body.  They have an Ultra-Compression silhouette which is a key factor in keeping the Source water reservoir centered against the body. The Hydrawear shirt can also deliver the added benefit of helping decrease muscle fatigue and increase muscle recovery. The specifically designed tension bands on Hydrawear shirts integrate the Water Resevoir pocket base ensuring the correct stability and dispersing the weight of the water evenly across the back. The Patent Pending shirts provide an alternative to conventional hydration products currently available in the marketplace. Made with 100% Polyester waffle fabric, Hydrawear shirts retain their UPF Rating wet or dry - offering moisture management, high compression and exceptional durability.  The Freedom of Movement associated with the entire Hydrawear collection provides hydration and enhanced endurance - no straps attached. 



Compression can increase endurance and limit physical damage caused by intense exertion.  Hydrawear compression shirts are designed to increase strength and power, increase muscle oxygenation, circulation and improve body temperature control. 



Hydrawear technology and design creates a line of gravity through the strategic placement of the integrated pocket housing the one liter reservoir - centering this weight on the mass of the body. The compression fit and tension band design in each Hydrawear shirt eliminate the potential for dysfunctional balance issues.